Do You Have 12 Minutes for Fitness?

In 1961 the Royal Canadian Air Force published a manual specifically for women and children centred on 12 minutes of fitness per day. It promotes improving your overall health when you follow their research based model and step by step instructions.

This fifty-one page manual is now available to the public at no charge and is found on our web site as a free download.

It talks about weight control and diet which has been developed around XBX – a program focusing on 10 exercises. Taking 12 minutes per day to complete the exercises in varying degrees of intensity and duration is considered an effective plan to improve general levels of fitness.

Diagrams, charts and routines are provided and built on the following foundation:

increasing muscle tone;
increasing muscular strength;
increasing muscular endurance;
increasing flexibility; and
increasing the efficiency of your heart

You may find that this ?system? is not only based on research but common sense. The tips and tools are practical and user friendly.

The final statement in the manual is as relevant today as it was over fifty years ago: ?Exercise over and above the normal demands of daily living is essential to the development of an efficient, strong, and durable body. The resultant more pleasing appearance and sense of well being are added benefits that cannot be overlooked.?

So the question still remains: Do you have 12 minutes for fitness per day?
Perhaps the answer is…. How can argue with over a century of success?


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