Do you have an ?Accountability Partner??

I recently attended a weekend health and wellness seminar and we began to discuss the concept of an ?accountability partner.? Someone who holds you accountable for an actionable business strategy.

To those of us who have been in business for a number of years this may not necessarily be a new concept; but it has been repurposed into a useful tool for our evolving business climate.

There are articles on business professionals who are now looking for someone who can assist with keeping them on an achievement track.

For example, I recently read an article where a small business owner wanted to double their sales; had a sound plan and found someone who could keep them accountable for the actionable items within the plan. They reached their objectives on time and within budget. Sounds like a great tool for a sound strategy.

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine offers the following tips for finding the right partner:

1) Look for someone outside your industry
2) Choose someone who will be ?brutally? honest with you
3) Be clear about your expectations
4) Agree on consequences

This sounds like a logical solution in our fast paced world where ?hectic? seems to be the order of the day.

Fitness professionals have been offering this service to their clients from a health and wellness perspective for years. I would offer that the same rules apply when looking for a personal trainer, corporate wellness partner or gym. After all, these individuals are trained to assist you with reach goals with your most valuable asset – your health!

I am encouraged to see that this fundamental concept for success is now becoming an acceptable practise within the business community with one suggestion:
remember to include your health as part of the plan. It recalls to mind the answer to our formula = work/life balance.

Here?s to your search and finding someone who will assist with reaching your goals.

Trish Tonaj @Phaze2wellnes

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