Are you suffering from CCD?

There is a new trend and it relates to work/life balance.

Compulsive Career Disorder. Are you suffering from CCD?

The recent July/August addition of Women?s Health is providing information on the topic including a quiz. The article is written by Gretchen Voes who shares her story on the warning signs we all face if we subscribe to CCD.

This applies to folks who find everything in their life is based on work. ?It could, without your knowing it, be luring you into an addiction that can corrode you health, wreck your relationships, and, ironically enough end your career.?

As I read the article and completed the quiz I realized that I may be part of the statistic. Was I one of the individuals so focused on work to the point that it was taking over my life? After completing the quiz, I fell into the Warning! category. A zone where the professionals suggest I start a program to avoid burnout.

The bigger question is why? Why do we feel so compelled to work at ?Mach 2 with our hair on fire?? Is it because we feel vulnerable in a society where there is no longer any job security? A culture where the job market has become super competitive with MBA?s and Masters degrees now as common as a high school diploma? Perhaps it is the new era of individuals choosing to live on their own that creates the foundation for the theory, add to the mix our devices and gadgets that never shut off and add the never ending ?to do? list that repeats week after week.

If you consider just a few of the items on this list you can see why there may be a trend.


The stats are shocking?.studies have been completed that are now yielding some interesting information.
Did you know that? If you work more than 11 hours per day
? 70% higher risk of developing heart disease
? double your chances for depression

If you work more than 50 hours per week your likely only getting about 6 hours of sleep per night which can lead to:
? high blood pressure
? diabetes
? weight gain
? weakened immune system

So your probably asking yourself what can I do? Well there is the obvious, change your work/life balance, but, if your already in the danger zone you may already be aware of what you should do but just can?t help yourself.

So here are a few scheduling tips from the experts who recommend that gradual changes will yield results:
? unplug your devices – you need the down time?? block off time with friends and family and don?t cancel
? get out of the office and take regular breaks
? take your vacation days – you need the time to recharge your batteries

From a wellness point of view:
? take a walk as part of your workday
? bring your lunch to include well balanced meals and reduce snacking
? take a deep breathe – it will lower your blood pressure
? begin an exercise program a few days per week is a great start

The challenge for me was becoming aware that I was in the danger zone and recognizing that I had to take control of the situation in order to change the outcome, lower the risks and improve productivity.

I?d rather have a solid wellness program designed to enjoy life rather than become part of the CCD statistic.

What about you?

Trish Tonaj @ phaze2wellness

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