Viviana Puello and ArtTour International Magazine Launch Their 10th Anniversary Edition By Celebrating International Artists


On February 11, Viviana Puello, Founder/CEO of ArtTour International and Editor-in-Chief of ArtTour International Magazine launched  a very special edition …10th Anniversary!

Viviana is an artist herself and as Editor-in-Chief combines her visual skills to promote and support others with a mission to encourage “smiles” and create positive global change.

“Artists document life through visual fantasy and they are the voice of mother earth” Viviana shared as she celebrated and introduced a new approach for the magazine.

This was no ordinary launch, showcased through a Facebook Live…we were given a quick overview to new features using QR codes that link to music and personal interviews sharing the voices of the artists featured in this special edition.

Live and interactive describes the format with energy that was both positive and hopeful as each artist introduced their work.

Each of the artists featured used words such as: humble, accepting, appreciative, blessed, storytelling, giving and surrendering to their individual inspiration as they share their passion and pursue their unique journey through colour, perspective and emotion.

It is no surprise that after 10 years, Viviana, has created a global following that extends her reach to over 10M viewers in 205 countries who support both the visual and performing arts.

Viviana has fostered a welcoming approach to her community. Create, Succeed and Stay Inspired are the words she uses to introduce a family of global contemporary artists who share her vision and gratitude.


It is an honour to participate as a special guest with my own feature in the magazine. This was a great opportuntity to introduce my personal commitment to the arts as I launch original artwork for the outdoors this spring.

At this time, I’d like to extend an invitation to everyone in this community to participate in our platform as we host a marketing series featuring entrepreneurs who believe in mentorship, breaking barriers and sharing great ideas.

I look forward to meeting each creative talent in the guest blog, introducing your stories and  featuring the person behind the logo in our weekly live and unscripted video/podcast Keepin’ It Real.

It is heartwarming to connect with individuals who support and learn from each other and an honour to have been welcomed into this family.

I wish Viviana, the team at ArtTour International and all of the artists in her community continued success. We look forward to introducing you to each artist by sharing your stories.

Bravo and Congratulations!



Visit ArtTourInternational and check out the magazine.

“Be the person who starts a ripple that creates a wave of change”

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