Own Your Story!

Trish Tonaj - Speaker, Mentor & Author

As an author, sharing stories takes us outside our comfort zone to establish a human connection that allows us to learn from each other.

I wrote my first book after experiencing tremendous personal and professional change built on a platform of business innovation, mentorship and philanthropy. Breaking Barriers continues the conversation by featuring entrepreneurial stories that include lightbulb moments and three words of advice. The e-magazine is co-authored and shares a few practical tools on creating your own definition of success.

As the founder and guest blog host for shareyourstories.online we continue the journey to support and empower the entrepreneurial spirit by increasing your visibility, encouraging meaningful business partnerships and creating connections within your community.

Royalties are donated annually to organizations that support the entrepreneurial spirit.

With the love of writing, I am a contributor to Thrive Global, sharing lightbulb moments and thought leadership with you the Thrive audience.

We all have a story to share and I look forward to sharing your story!
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