Dance to your own song… Celebrating 25 Years

This year, I am celebrating a personal milestone; 25 years as an entrepreneur!

I started my first business during a recession, after 10 years in corporate life and at the beginning of the technology age.

Do you remember the brick phone? How about the fax machine? and What about the floppy disc?

A lot has changed in 25 years; technology has advanced and we now live in a mobile society with endless opportunities, but, after all these years there is still one business fundamental that remains the same?

Our connection to people!

The whole notion of starting my own company appealed to my sense of creativity, innovation and business acumen but the real inspiration was meeting new people.

The people we meet along the way shape who we are and create our connection to the business. Customers, at times become friends and these relationships often pave the way for expansion, product/service development and the creation of our own personal brand for success.

I have had the pleasure of working with many committed individuals who were strong brand advocates and they all contributed to my personal and professional journey. The referrals I received were not only heartwarming but encouraging to continue as an entrepreneur.

Throughout the last 25 years, I have rebrand my company 3 times, changed my product/service offering just as many times and throughout the years forged friendships, strategic partnerships and business relationships with many amazing individuals who worked for companies big and small within many different industries.  I guess you could say, I have experience in all aspects of being a “preneur.” While in corporate life, I would have been described as an intrapreneur,  then embarking on a journey as an entrepreneur and now in our modern age and terminology, solopreneur.

A rich experience which evolved through a ripple that created a wave of change.

Now, my contribution as a coach, author and speaker is all about the stories and sharing the experiences that describe both the risk and reward with other would-be-entrepreneurs, corporate executives and managers who are interested in the people. Sharing anecdotes about human nature that I have acquired while on my own entrepreneurial journey. The many stories where I have not only shed a few tears but created lots of belly laughter. Like most entrepreneurs, it helps to have a sense of humour. I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes, but, at the end of the day these challenges always presented a course correction that offered new opportunities for success.

The song continues.

I would venture to guess that in another 25 years, business will once again have drastically changed and I’m sure as technology moves us along our connection to people will also be transformed.

But, at the end of the day it will still be our relationships that connect us to a brand, business or industry.  What we sell and how we sell it may look completely different but our interaction with each other will still be the most important link to our success.

The dance will always be to our own song meeting a variety of musicians that keep the music playing.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has influenced my entrepreneurial journey, contributed to my dream and provided the much needed inspiration for my own brand of success.

What is the next phase on my journey?

I’d like to meet with you, and hear your stories as one of the individuals who will contribute to the next generation of business leaders.

I trust that you will share the song that you listen to most often on your playlist.

Thanks again!

“Be the person who starts a ripple that creates a wave of change”

Trish Tonaj is an author,  artist and speaker – sharing stories to inspire great ideas.
She has written two books: Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools and Breaking Barriers, 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories.

Trish is the founder and blog host for and invites you to share your story!
With a love of writing she is a regular contributor to Thrive Global.

Visit Trish @ a division of Phaze2inc.
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