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With a love for the visual arts, I started painting at an early age, exploring watercolour, oil and acrylics.
Throughout the years, I’ve attended art classes and workshops internationally experimenting with various mediums from photography, etching printmaking and life drawing before committing to acrylics.

One day, I decided to hang a few pieces outdoors, adding a splash of colour to my outdoor space.
Perfecting a technique to hang canvas outdoors, the works made their way onto patios, porches, balconies and entranceways, best suited to protected spaces.

Whether you hang the paintings indoors or outside, each piece is best described as an abstract of pure colour to highlight your personal space.

You may also find unique contemporary, multi-media pieces specifically for indoors.

Trish’s work is found in Europe, United States and Canada.

Reach out to commission a piece for your personal collection.

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