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As we begin to focus on the business of our business, many entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders havebeen working behind the scenes on revising business plans and marketing strategies waiting for the right time to reconnect with customers.

There is a sense of hope as politicians relax the rules for physical distancing and voluntary isolation and we see the wheels of our economy begin to turn in a positive direction.

Hitting the pause button in recent weeks has given us as a new perspective on the future, presenting a number of challenges and opening the door to new opportunities.

The question still remains: How do we re-engage with our businesses while being respectful to our customers?

We?ve all been experiencing a lot of change in the last few months and as we transition back into the world of alarm clocks, deadlines and balance sheets we recognize the need to be empathetic and sensitive to life?s experience.

Here are a few interesting ideas from conversations I?ve had with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate executives in my network:

First:? Everyone agrees that it?s time to get out from behind the logo and tell stories.? Sharing a little about our business journey and why we do what we do needs to become part of our marketing strategy. Telling stories has never been more important for creating a human connection.? As consumers, we want to buy from the people who represent the brand.

Second: Take a back to basics approach that includes a soft sell. Encouraging conversations and sharing information will invite customers to return; especially if we are in the ?nice to have? categories.? Collaborating with other businesses and cross promoting will increase our visibility and encourage sales.

Third: Innovators have seized the moment and introduced new ways of communicating within their networks. Many have ventured into the world of on-line stores, podcasts and video interviews so that each brand message is top of mind. Now is the time to monetize these assets and continue to communicate with positive messaging.

All good advice!

I was speaking with one CEO last week who decided now is the time to totally revamp her organizational chart.? Revise job descriptions and reorganize the executive team around a different set of deliverables.? A few Soloprenuers are taking a very practical approach to the future and looking for new ways to collaborate with other entrepreneurs.? One client, is actually looking for a business partner!? Someone who would like to buy into the business and job share the responsibilities.? This will give each owner the freedom to work less hours, taking a proactive approach to their personal lifestyle.

We need to seize the moment!

Whatever your motivation, now is the perfect time to take a deep dive on the business of our business, stand up and take a forward look into the future.? We?ve all heard the saying when one door closes another opens. I would add, that in every crisis there are infinite possibilities and we need to seize each new opportunity while riding the wave of change.

We just have to get out from behind the logo and plan to thrive!

“Be the person who starts a ripple that creates a wave of change”

Trish Tonaj is an author,  artist and speaker – sharing stories to inspire great ideas.
She has written two books: Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools and Breaking Barriers, 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories.

Trish is the founder and blog host for and invites you to share your story!
With a love of writing she is a regular contributor to Thrive Global.

Visit Trish @ a division of Phaze2inc.
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