NEAT = Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Do you maximize your daily activities to burn calories effectively?

This is not a new theory; we are all aware that we burn calories with simple day to day movements. Even when we sleep!

There are many options to boost our efforts throughout the day and here are few suggestions that are easy to implement:

Where a Pedometer – It will make us aware of just how much we move throughout the day – there is a lot of discussion about the ?average number of steps.? The thought is that 5,000 steps is a good target number.
Take the stairs – This is especially effective not only in the workplace – but during our leisure time. I can?t think of a shopping mall that even provides stairs as an option between floors – perhaps thats why people walk up escalators?
Dancing – Do you listen to music when your at home? If so, it may be fun to ?dance in the kitchen or family room?. How about dancing as you clean the house? Not a bad idea, helps to pass the time and also have a little fun.
Replace furniture – Heres an idea?replace your office chair with a stability ball – or your favourite chair when your watching TV. This has more than one benefit – it improves your balance, tones your abs, and helps with muscle tone all while sitting.

I know the next time I think of the word ?NEAT? it will remind me to check my non-exercise activity during the day. What about you?

Trish @ Phaze2inc.

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