Nutrition 101: A Handy Tip for Portion Size

I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with Tosca Reno at a Health and Wellness seminar in Toronto.? Her philosophy is ?EAT CLEAN? and she has written four books on the subject.

One of the more notable take aways from the event and a great personal tool was her visual on ?portion size?. ? The quick reference is something we have on hand at all times, literally:? our hands.

Here is how to use your hands as a guide to healthy eating:
1) Cup your hands together like a bowl and that would be a healthy portion size for ?leafy greens and vegetables?
2) The size of the palm of your right hand for ?protein?
3) The size of the other palm for ?starch/grains?
4) Your thumb nail = fat

This is very useful when we eat in restaurants or even cook our own dinner.? Combine this tip with shopping the edges of your local grocery store where you will find ?natural foods?.? Fruits, vegetables and leafy greens that should take almost 50% of our plate, add the meat counter and your well on you way to hitting a home run.

These are great personal tools and although nothing ?new? a great reminder for making healthy lifestyle choices.

Written by Trish Tonaj @ Phaze2inc.

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