Resilience and Random Acts of Kindness Connecting with the People In Our Communities

There is no question we are living in turbulent times. News is available on every social platform and through every medium keeping us informed on the health of the world population. Everyone is mindful of how tenuous life can be and many conversations include discussions around priorities, changing our outlook and making a difference in our communities.

This current situation is testing our resilience; creating an opportunity to reevaluate our purpose.

As we all develop action plans to stay connected with our friends, family and loved ones this crisis has a flip side that is heartwarming.? It seems to have encouraged random acts of kindness that for a moment in time give us hope for the future.

In the last few days we?ve all been sending messages to colleagues on how we are going to continue to serve our customers and keep some sort of normalcy in the world of business.? In our personal lives we?ve all been stocking up on groceries and non-perishables preparing for the coming weeks when we may find ourselves spending a little extra time at home.

While I?ve been scurrying from place to place, I?ve noticed that we?ve become more courteous, saying hello to strangers doing simple things like helping folks load groceries into their car or opening the door for those who need a little extra time to enter or exit the store.?

It is creating an interesting connection with the people in our communities.

There is an air of civility that I hadn?t noticed when we were all involved and entrenched in the activities of our daily life.

We seem to be taking a little extra time to interact with the people in our communities and actually engage in pleasantries instead of rushing from place to place.

At the grocery store, I was included in a conversation about finding a way to volunteer in our community – helping others who need help as we all try and navigate the issue at hand.? While at the same time, be mindful of our own health and safety.? Looking for ways to connect with others in random acts of kindness so that we may all feel just a little less confused and concerned for the future.

This may be a interesting time of personal reflection on what is infact important in our lives and how we interact with others in our community.

For most of us, we have not been involved in a world crisis,? a pandemic that goes beyond the physical boarders of time and space and has become real and tangible or up close and personal.

It provides a new meaning to the phrase – ?six degrees of separation.?

I believe we all have a new appreciation for just how small the world has become as we forge new connections and relationships both personally and professionally in a global economy.

I would like to applaud everyone in my network who are taking a rational approach to social responsibility as we all contribute to the health and safety of our communities.

It is truly heartwarming to see the random acts of kindness that we share with the ?people? in our communities.

We need to celebrate the simple things in life and continue to encourage random acts of kindness.



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