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Thank you so much for including me today in the Global SYS Networking Event. I Loved it!!! When is the next one?
I love the way you handle the program, and we are able to give and receive so much in one short hour! I can’t wait for the next one!

Karen J. Stultz CMC
Founder, Awesome Life Success

A fellow mentor and good friend launched a website, – Celebrate Your Great Idea, and I had the opportunity to upload my story and wanted to share with all of you the experience. The questions seemed easy, but it is about being prepared with your pitch and taking the time to think about the words you want to own for your business.  Mine were innovative, resilient and visionary. They came from my experience with Share Your Stories and crafting three words of advice.
Enjoy the blog and make sure you log on to to connect with Trish and share the amazing experience.

Tricia Ryan, Ba, BSc MBA
Co-Founder, Food Biz Mentoring

I had the pleasure of attending one of Trish Tonaj’s networking events and I was quite impressed by the supportive energy in the room. She not only has built an engaged community of successful women in business, but also one of support and collaboration. I do believe the positive experience I had in Trish’s event is a reflection of her kindness and commitment to lifting other business owners and I will definitely be joining her next event!

Juliana Leamen
Juliana Leamen, Menopause Weight Release Expert, Author & Podcaster

Trish  conducted an interview that was nothing short of transformative. She created an environment of effortless dialogue while skillfully extracting precisely what parents, educators, and leaders want to know. This opportunity allowed me to showcase how I can empower them in building their creativity while developing their emotional intelligence.

Margaret Boersma
Teacher trainer, consultant, speaker and writer
I sincerely want to express my deepest gratitude for giving me this amazing opportunity to share my story with your audience on You are a kind, generous person who is a fabulous host on line. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable.  Looking forward to all of the networking events in the future.
Marica Gaspic Piskovic
Pharmacist, author, Certifed Holistic Health and Wellness Coach - Gut Wellness by Marica

ShareYourStories is such a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to gain exposure and make meaningful connections. It’s such an accessible and welcoming program. Trish is genuinely invested in helping businesses thrive and fostering relationships wherever there is an opportunity. I can’t say enough how glad I am to have been introduced to Trish.

Michaela Donato
Owner, Designer

I had the pleasure of meeting Trish in a collaborative network a few years ago and followed up by being featured on and becoming a guest on her podcast, Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real.

Trish has brought hundreds of business owners together to promote collaboration without competition, one of her guiding principles. She is an incredibly gifted person, with integrity and passion for what she does. With decades of experience in marketing and professional speaking, Trish is a role model for any entrepreneur. I have learned a great deal from her in such a short time.

I had the pleasure of attending an Art Exhibit featuring Trish’s outdoor art. Her work is another example of her unique eye, intuitiveness and artistic talent.

I have joined many of the collaborative sessions that Trish has offered. This is where I have met many of the guests I have invited to my podcast, “Taking the Helm”. We are surrounded by remarkable people and through Trish, we can easily connect, learn and support one another.

Without question, if you are a business owner, I recommend reaching out to Trish Tonaj.
In a very short time, you’ll have opportunities to embrace.

Lynn McLaughlin
Host of the Podcast, "Taking the Helm" | Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author | College Instructor | Former Superintendent of Education

Joy.   My practice today is asking myself, how can this be more fun? What would I enjoy today or how can I enjoy this more?   When I was contemplating my interview with Trish Tonaj today I set the intention to be relaxed and have fun. Thank you Trish for a delightful experience. I felt safe with you. You are easy to talk to, fun and you asked great questions. Thank you for giving us, your guests, a place to be heard. You are raising the vibration around you speaking your truth and being a facilitator for others to speak their truth.

Heidi Smith
Author, “Making Friends With The Boogeyman: Transforming Tragedy Into Triumph”

Trish is one of the most supportive women I have ever met. We’ve been acquainted for several years, and she’s always someone I can reach out to when I’d like to share exciting news about my writing career. My experience with Share Your Stories, Keepin’ it Real has been positive, informative, fulfilling, and most of all, FUN!

Trish is a gracious and lovely person, and not only warmly hosts our interviews, but shares them wide, on several platforms, working hard to get our entrepreneurial stories out there! Thanks Trish, for providing wonderful opportunities to community leaders and passionate entrepreneurs like myself!

Tara Mondou
Author of “Little Girl in the Mirror” and “Me and My Shadow”

Trish is an extraordinary human and entrepreneur. Such a go getter! Never have I met someone who takes such pleasure in connecting people and celebrating small business owners (particularly women). Her positivity, passion and professionalism is extraordinary.

Graydon Moffat
Founder Graydon Skincare

“Hi Trish, thank you so much for Emcee’ing at this years Global Conference! (2022)  You have been a joy to work with and you represented the Trade Show and canfitpro well. We are thankful for your hosting skills.”   

Mary Romas
Event Eduction Coordinator, canfitpro

Trish’s work through the Share Your Stories platform has been an amazing experience to be involved in. And the networking events she hosts are a great way to make new connections in an organized but casual setting. She makes everyone feel welcome and facilitates low stress interactions while keeping the agenda moving and the event on time. I highly recommend attending the networking events and being part of the Share Your Stories community.

Scott Carrothers
Founder, Foolproof Bookkeeping Inc.
“Trish invited me to share my story on a while ago, so after I wrote my first children’s book, “The Brave Little Puffer Fish: Authenticity for Children”, I jumped in. Not every unscripted interview goes well, but my interview with Trish Tonaj was truly inspiring. I knew that I wanted children to feel great about themselves and skip having to learn it later in life, but she reminded me of the emotional response from adults, as well as my deeper lens on authenticity. She drew out so much more in that interview than I would have on my own, and the organic audience response has been incredible. 2 days later, we had 1,000+ views, then 1,500+ by day 3! I truly appreciate the insight and inspiration that I have gained, particularly through our warm conversation, and am truly thrilled with the audience response.”
Crystal-Marie Sealy
Dedicated Mom, Author, Coach, Speaker

“Trish is hard-working, focused and excellent in her professionalism.  She has the inner inspiration to apply her core values in real time to show others what is fully possible when we tap into our creativity and beauty within.”

Angelina Carleton
Founder, Legacy Planning

Thank you so much Trish Tonaj. Being on your show was a wonderful experience. 🙏 I loved your thoughtful questions and felt amazing as your guest. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring work.

Christine Schlonski
Founder, Heart Sells

I recently had the opportunity to hear Trish speak at a webinar held through Gro Your Biz. Trish was an engaging speaker to the global audience and was very motivating. Trish helped me to understand the importance of sharing my story and gave me more confidence to put it out there. Every person, every story is unique and interesting and people want to feel more connected especially now. Trish helped me remember my “lightbulb” moment of why I started my business and I can’t wait to share it with others!  Thanks Trish

Debbie VanGrieken
CEO, Moyaa Shea Products Ltd

I am writing this note of thanks to Trish Tonaj for being a guest on her podcast series. I want to say that it was such a wonderful conversation and great experience. Trish has such a natural and easy to follow interview style.  It felt like I was talking to an old friend.  She asked some amazing questions and made me feel at ease even though it was completely unscripted.

The morning of our interview, I received a number of alerts through Trish on social media. It was a pleasant surprise and I really wasn’t expecting the increased visibility, but, it also made it easy for me to share with the people in my network.

So, a huge thank you to Trish. I would definitely encourage other entrepreneurs to share your story and participate in the series. If there is one thing we all need, especially now more than ever, are inspiration and mentorship from other entrepreneurs. Thanks very much, Trish, take care and keep sharing business success stories.

Anthea Mumby
Author, Founder - DreamTeam Consulting

Trish Tonaj is a natural as a live interviewer. I felt completely comfortable and appreciated how Trish navigated through our talk, drawing on each of my answers in order to explore the story further. Our time together literally felt like I was conversing with a good friend. Trish has a great instinct for flow and for capturing the essence of the message in a story.

Elaine Uskoski
Author, Speaker, Coach

“My heartfelt gratitude to Trish Tonaj for having me as a guest on Keepin’ It Real. It has been such an exciting and memorable experience.  She is such a great listener and host that it was so easy for me to open up and relive how ARTtour International Magazine came to be. I feel so blessed having found her and this platform where you get to be yourself and inspire others at the same time. I am looking forward to more partnerships and friendship with such an amazing and inspiring person like Trish”

Vivana Puello
Editor-in-Chief - ARTtour International Magazine

Lynn and Trish facilitate an informative workshop, “Connect With Your Community; Become a Published Author.”  They created a comfortable environment for participants to share, ask questions, and hold discussions. My book would not be getting published if it weren’t for workshops like Lynn’s and Trish’s! Thank you, Lynn and Trish, for offering and sharing your expertise to ensure success for all those who participate in your workshops.

Ava Droski
Owner, Featherstone Music & Performing Arts Company and Author of "Photo's Of A Wren"
“I had the privilege of participating in “Connect with your Community; Becoming a Published Author” with Lynn McLaughlin and Trish Tonaj and it was amazing! Lynn provided a wealth of information. She really knows the ins and outs of the publishing world and all the options! The format for the session was very effective and interesting and I learned what avenue of publishing is best for me.” Thank you Lynn and Trish.
France Fontana Hart
Principal, France & Company

Thanks so much for the great workshop. The information was really helpful for both sections, food planning and stretches, and they were nicely connected. You really have the technology down and you run these sessions so professionally.  I also enjoyed meeting the other women who were so personable and candid.  Kind regards,

Anne Wootten
Wootten and Sommers
“I am an old school thinker in a new world attending my first on-line mastermind workshop through Invest In Yourself.
It was fantastic!
 Information was relevant for todays business climate and networking with business owners from other cities and countries was inspiring.  There is great value in the experience and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for professional development to participate in the series.”
John Williams
Williams Residential Design

Thank you Trish. Thank you for organizing this excellent mastermind workshop. The exchange of ideas and best practices is invaluable for any small business. Kindest regards,

Linda Barnett
The Travelling TeaRoom

“Trish, it was a fabulous mastermind. Everything exceeded my expectations!! It was an incredible session. I took away so much value that I can implement right away. Thank you!

Bonnie Flemington
Bonnie Flemington, MBA, CNP, RNCP, Certifed Nutritionist

The Mastermind workshop was an exceptional opportunity to connect with and learn from others who have a range of experiences and areas of expertise. As an entrepreneur, it’s a balancing act when you want to inform people of your products and services and not be perceived as self-promoting. I appreciated the concrete examples of how others are doing this with passion, by being “real” and building connections. Thank you and I look forward to the next one!

Lynn McLaughlin

Thank you ever so kindly for inviting me to the September Mastermind Workshop. I didn’t fully know what I was going to learn but I was surprised. Valuable information and I related to most of it. I didn’t even realize how much of that I already implement in my daily work life. Nicely run and coordinated to boot with this whole virtual realm. I’m grateful to have been there. Thanks!!

Christine Brown
Friendly CAD Monkey

“In “The Art of Standing Out Without Bragging” experts Trish and Alexis masterfully share their tips, tools and techniques for self promotion. They foster a community of collaboration over competition as well as teaching how to identify and share your uniqueness, build relationships and attract enthusiastic ambassadors and referrals. If you are looking to build and promote your brand be sure to attend the workshops!”

Maura Joy Lustig
Transformational Coach & Artist

“A wonderful workshop which addresses the key issues that so many individuals struggle with. Unlike many workshops, Trish & Alexis gave powerful, actionable takeaways that one can begin to integrate immediately to see results. It’s clear her workshops are created with the intention to empower, connect, support, and inform. I have no doubt you will get value out of attending!”
Yours warmly,

Rachel Tenenbaum
Rachel Tenenbaum, PCC, CNTC, CPCC

Thanks for sharing your much worth reading article Trish. That you live up to what you encourage others to do has been remarkably proven with your book “Breaking Barriers, 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories”. To make the talents of high performers visible and to motivate them at the same time to take their rightful place on stage is not only a form of kindness, but pure leadership for the benefit of others.

Stefan Kuhn
Founder, INCS - Stefan Kuhn

I am so impressed by your commitment to women entrepreneurs and to working with them to share their stories and build their businesses. I am happy to be part of your network.

Susan Sommers
Co-Founder at WOOTEN & SOMMERS

I was so grateful that Trish Tonaj asked me to check out her fabulous project and to consider being a guest blogger on this great platform! I accepted and shared some of my fresh content as part of a series that is intended to support the entrepreneurial spirit by sharing our stories.

Love the way she has formatted the series!

As a contributor, you are asked what your “Lightbulb Moment” is and when it was, as well as your  “Three Words of Advice” and why they matter to you and the best, but most challenging for me to come up with what “Three words of advice” would you give the readers. It is deep yet simple.

Loved writing it!

But the best part is ..from that experience I have been asked to bring my content to a series of online summits as well as participate as an expert on a new Netflix style platform for dating. It gave me some very focused exposure as well as brought me into a community of great contributors.

Thanks Trish! You are a connector and an empowering woman to boot!


Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE
Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE

I nominated Trish to be a woman of distinction because she is a cheerleader and advocate for women in business. She finds new and creative ways of shining a bright light onto others in order to celebrate their accomplishments. Not only does she promote these women and their businesses but she supports them in growing and evolving within their companies and their lives as a whole.

Erin Dunham
Co-founder, The Other Bird

Whenever I’m around Trish Tonaj, good things happen! Aside from being a fountain of wisdom on all things entrepreneurship and leadership, she’s also a savvy connector. Meeting her at a Hamilton Fempreneurs event and later participating in her workshop led me to working with two of the badass female founders in her orbit.

It’s been my life’s work to help others craft and share their stories, so it was a treat to be invited to share my own for this series. Thanks, Trish!

Ashley Letts
Writer and PR Consultant
Trish has created a space with where individuals have an opportunity to gain exposure to new people and markets. This exposure helps individuals gain self-confidence, credibility and exposure to those who may benefit from our services and products. With Trish’s input, I personally gained an understanding on how to present what I do to people I would not normally be exposed to Trish has the ability to simplify the complex and this forum of sharing is much appreciated.
Shehnaz Hussain
Intuitive Financial Solutions, For the whatIFS in life

“ has been a wonderful format to share my own story and support others in their journey as well. We all learn more when we connect with each other! My own 3 words of advice: start, believe and share, are all derived from what I have learned from my own mentors. And I’m thrilled to be a part of the Share Your Stories community that values making new connections to help us all grow and achieve more in our businesses and lives. Thank you Trish Tonaj for creating such a forum!”

Bonnie Flemington
MBA, CNP, RNCP, Certifed Nutritionist

“Trish delivered an excellent keynote presentation to 180 female entrepreneurs at the October meeting of the Womens Business Network of Peterborough. Her approach was down to earth, clear, concise and funny. I had the pleasure of sitting next to her at dinner and enjoyed her company immensely. We discovered a shared passion for wellness, art, connection and leadership. You never know when you?re going to meet a kindred spirt!

Trish’s topic of Mentorship is near and dear to my heart. She invited us to think of turning points in our life, those moments when we had an epiphany, when one door had closed, another door opened, and we stepped through it!!

Every successful woman has been inspired, challenged, taught and encouraged by one or several mentors. As they say ?when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Trish asked us to think of the mentors in our own lives and reminded us you’d be surprised who’s watching YOUR journey and being inspired!

Maura Joy Lustig
Transformation Coach/Artist, Helping Women Create the Body they Desire & the Future they Deserve!

“I loved having Trish as a guest on my ROGERStv show, Real Life Talks. She is energetic, personable and professional with a wealth of knowledge and a great story. We discussed the value of mentorship and being a mentor. She is certainly an expert on the topic and authentically shares her truth from the heart. She even invited me to participate in her guest blog series, ShareYourStories in the spirit of gratitude and believing in my message. I am grateful. So glad to have connected with Trish and I recommend you do the same!”

Yvonne Heath
author, host and campion of Love Your Life to Death

“Trish Tonaj was one of the emcees for this years canfitpro conference and trade show. The largest fitness event in the world! As part of the network, Trish introduced 4 international leaders from the industry on our Power and Performance stage. We received feedback that Trish was fantastic with wonderful energy. Thank you for contributing to another world class event.”

Angela Samchek
canfitpro Event Experience Coordinator

“Trish, thank you for scheduling time to be part of the Speaker Faculty at the 2019 CPTN Personal Trainer Summit. The delegates benefitted tremendously from your knowledge, organization of the material and thoroughly enjoyed your stories.”

Lucinda Jensen
CPTN Conference Manager

“Trish has been my personal mentor and coach for 8 months at the time I write this.
She has been instrumental in my growth and the acceleration of my company since I met her. Trish has a keen understanding of the entrepreneurial journey and day to day challenges that we face. This positions her to be able to speak the language, listen without judgement, truly listen and give good, solid and meaningful advice and direction. She has a wide breadth of business acumen that she draws from and the ability to translate that into something useful.
She has truly been a dream to work with; thank you!”

Opal Hurteau
Founder, Sun Vixen Swimwear Inc.

“The Mechanics of Flow2 modules have helped our team align in goal setting and strategic planning. Our company and the managers within it have used the modules to help define our roles as individuals in the company as well as how we work together to achieve success. The added bonus is the personal coaching that helps refine our focus.”

Erin Dunham
CEO | The Other Bird

After listening to Trish Tonaj speak at a Company of Women luncheon, and understanding that her tagline, Sharing Stories to Inspire Great Ideas! was something that really resonated with me, I quickly invited her to attend a meeting with a group I Co-Founded, called Cambridge Authors.

We are a group of writers who are passionate about our work, and together share our love of writing and telling stories. The one question every author asks themselves, after the arduous work of finishing their passion project, is whether to self-publish or to try to get published by a traditional publishing house.

Trish not only offered her advice on which path to take, but her stories truly inspired our group, AND she even invited us to be included in her “Share Your Story” initiative! What a wonderful opportunity for our authors to share their story with Trish and the other amazing people who have shared their story on her website.”

Tara Mondou
Author?, Cambridge Authors

“Trish spoke to women at a Company of Women meeting about achieving their goals. She did a great job in covering her material in a friendly, fun way as well as providing practical, useful information to assist the women in being successful. She was professional in her style and told stories that helped the women understand the concepts she was presenting. I would highly recommend Trish for speaking engagements.”

Anne Day
Founder, Company of Women

I had the privilege of working with Trish in my role as CEO of the Canadian Women?s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC). Trish was the Keynote speaker for CanWCC?s first Anniversary Celebration event  a significant milestone for our organization. Working with her was and continues to be a fantastic experience. She actively engaged in the event planning process and even generously helped to promote the event! At the Celebration, Trish’s keynote was the highlight of the evening. Her presentation style was polished but relatable and fun.

As a final gift, she provided the guests (and all CanWCC members) an opportunity to tell their stories on her guest blog. I highly recommend her books and speaking services. Thank you, Trish!”

Nancy Wilson
Co-Founder & CEO of the Canadian Women?s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC)

“Trish Tonaj gave an engaging reading and presentation at the Grimsby Public Library. Attendees were inspired by the content of her book Breaking Barriers, and they also enjoyed a casual conversation based on the themes and topics raised.”

Ryan Waldron
Deputy Chief Librarian, Grimsby Public Library

“Highlight of my day was to sit with Trish Tonaj along with Hamilton Fempreneurs & listen to her overview of how to reach the state of FLOW.  If you haven’t read her book, Breaking Barriers you need to go to Amazon & change that!”

Sarah Kiani

In the fall of 2015, Trish acted as MC for our official opening event. Her warm and welcoming manner perfectly suited the occasion. She moved through the agenda in a gracious yet efficient manner, welcoming each speaker and introducing their particular contribution to the many aspects of getting a new business venture off the ground. I have no hesitation in recommending Trish as a speaker. She brings well-prepared content to her events and tailors her presentation to her audience. She creates an absorbing and thoughtful performance that is both informative and satisfying to her listeners.”

Karin Schuett
Funeral Director and President, Circle of Life Cremation and Burial Centre Inc.

“Supporting individuals in business in general and entrepreneurs in particular, has the potential to make a profound and positive impact. Trish is contributing to that success through her work and most importantly, by being a living example.”

Sharon Gilmour-Glover
Chief Implementation Officer, Light-Core

“Trish has been a relentless supporter, mentor and trailblazer for individuals in business. I first became acquainted with her because of her book, Breaking Barriers. I have found that she truly walks the talk, leading, encouraging and challenging individuals to go to the next level, never give up and to assist with the development of their own opportunities.”

Jennifer Kelly
CEO New Initiatives Marketing Inc.

“Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories: A wonderful anthology of stories,advice and inspiration from female entrepreneurs. These real life women business owners share honest accounts of their triumphs and struggles of running their own business. Nothing is sugar coated and it is comforting to know that other people have been on the same journey and that it does take time, patience and hard work to build a thriving business. I can see something of myself in every story. Trish Tonaj has done a fantastic job bringing together women running all kinds of businesses from Health and Wellness, Marketing, Hospitality, MLM, Fashion and even the funeral industry. No matter what industry you are in I am sure you will benefit from the advice they share. As a business consultant, helping entrepreneurs design and grow their businesses I would highly recommend this to my clients as a real life account of what they can expect as they build their business (the good and the bad) and how they can move through their challenges and struggles. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project and thank you for sharing your stories that will inspire other women to follow their business dreams. Special thanks to Jennifer Kelly for sharing this book with me.”

Natasha K. Mitchellon

Our team participated in Trish’s EQ worksop and one-to-one coaching that left us with the communication tools and action items that will help guide us through our next phase. Trish was able to connect with all the different personalties in our group to bring us together and help us innovate and collaborate new ideas. These tools will help shape our organizational culture. I would highly recommend this program and Trish because she gets results!”

Erin Dunham
CEO, The Other Bird

“Trish’s insights really did help my personal and business growth. I knew a lot of the theory on what I wanted to do; too much in fact. I needed a sounding board, someone who could provide insights, and help me weigh the various potential pathways. I could only trust, and value the insights of someone who had faced those challenges themselves, and had helped others like me. That was a hard thing to find, but Trish was recommended to me by someone I trust. So I’m passing on the favour with this unsolicited recommendation.”

Collin Ferguson
SGH Studios

Trish is a polished, well-spoken and charming leadership coach and speaker. I had the pleasure of meeting Trish at a Women’s professional development group and could not resist inviting her to speak and provide a wonderful bookend to a 2017 Women in Leadership mentorship program. Above all, I was impressed at her enthusiasm, willingness to help and give back. She comes with my heartfelt recommendation as a speaker and coach.”

Tricia Ryan
Board Chair ? Women In Leadership Foundation

“A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools” Trish embodies the message, energy and confidence of the words and exercises in her book. When you read the book and hear her speak about her journey, you will know how to attract the same success to your own life.”

Alexandra M
Supervisor Staff Training & Development

“Having the opportunity to engage with a supportive, enthusiastic and intuitive professional such as Trish was an amazing experience. She expertly layered the ideas I gleaned from the Short-term Planning module from The Mechanics of FLOW2 into a cohesive plan of action. By actually discussing the next steps, I was spurred into action and have seen my productivity improve immensely. I highly recommend working with Trish as a step to build your business.”

Amber Morrison
Hon. B.A.

“As the curator of Spoken Lives Toronto West, I was thrilled to have Trish speak at our June event.  Her story was entertaining, relatable and told with humour and intelligence. Having been a part of Breaking Barriers: 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share their Stories, I knew the story of how the book came about but was re-inspired when I heard Trish’s presentation. I recommend Trish as a motivational speaker, leader and mentor for any event.”

Martha Henderson
Curator, Spoken Lives

“When I first met Trish, I knew immediately that we would be fast friends.  Her openness and professionalism were very apparent and made for a seamless partnership in working on my 1st Annual Women’s Networking event.  Trish was my guest speaker, relaying a powerful talk around the importance of Finding our Why and a Sense of Purpose. Sharing our stories is part of this process and in sharing her story, she captivated the room of 68 women with such awe and inspiration.  Whether these women are looking to figure out their next step, trying to build their small business or have experienced a life altering tragedy, they all could relate to her words of wisdom and candidacy.

I publish 3 community magazines that help to connect people within their own communities. Trish’s presentation was engaging and exactly on point with bringing these like minded women together to share their stories and create new connections within their communities.

I would highly recommend Trish as a savvy business woman, speaker and motivator of people.  Her eloquence, empathy and authenticity is what has made her a success to date and an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Thanks so much Trish for helping to make my 1st annual event a resounding success!”

Carol Eby
Publisher with Best Version Media

“Trish Tonaj and her team have created a wonderful resource tool through the FLOW2 modules. The program is well positioned across a number of indices to provide shared process, clarity to power, productivity. The modules are clear, concise and very user friendly. FLOW2 provides a clear destination and opens the door to action.”

Ellie ter Harr
CEO New Zealand Pharma

“The Mechanics of FLOW2 module on Vision was an engaging method to get me examining important questions about my business. Defining my values and creating a clear picture in my mind about where I want to go is imperative in helping me lay the foundations that will get me there, and will continue to guide me through future growth. Flow is not only a useful tool in figuring out what my business really means and how I will serve others, (the biggest, most thrilling and audacious possibilities), but I will also be able to use this exercise ongoing. As I am faced with new challenges, I have clarity on my approach, processes, and vision for my brand. Thank you Trish Tonaj!”

Nicole Millard Photographer

“After celebrating 10 years in business, I was operating from day to day and felt I was in a bit in a fog. The Business Strengths module with Trish helped me to reignite my passion for why I started the company and how I am going to focus my energy on growth. This has given me a new sense of excitement for the future! A great exercise; I highly recommend it!”

Maude Leger

“Trish Tonaj is a powerhouse when it comes to breaking down barriers  not only for herself but for countless of others, too! Trish is truly a breath of fresh air to those of us in the Entrepreneurial World! Trish sees you, hears you, values you, and elevates you!”

Lisa McDonald
Author, TV and Radio Host - Living Fearlessly

“I participated in the ShareYourStories series after teaming up with Trish as my business mentor.  She asked if I would like to participate and because she made it so easy, I jumped at the opportunity. As a new business owner and solopreneur, I think it is critical to your business success to get yourself and your story out there. Trish makes is so easy for us to start doing this with her platform. It was so easy, in fact, that I recommended it to a few of the women entrepreneurs in my network. They had a positive experience and were grateful for the opportunity to share their stories as well. This is a great opportunity to get your message and business out there for everyone to see and learn about. I highly recommend. One added bonus is that Trish also invites you into her Share Your Stories facebook community. Thank you to Trish for creating this amazing platform and community and for championing entrepreneurs. She’s a true inspiration.”

Opal Hurteau
Founder of Sun Vixen Swimwear Inc.

“If you’re looking for a platform where connections can be made, then is your ideal community. When Trish reached out and told me about her new series, I immediately jumped at this exciting and inspiring opportunity Being a part of this collective has enabled me to reach out to other women entrepreneurs, start conversations and grow my own podcast. Had I not been part of the exciting collective, I feel I would have missed out on making important connections.

Thank you, Trish, for including and featuring me in your series.. I always look forward to reading about each story and learning about her  what she believes and what brought her to where she is.”

Tanya Otterstien-Liehs
Self-Care Excpert, Health and Wellness Coach

“My journey to establish Shift Happens Coaching has included a number of generous people, of whom, Trish is one. Sharing my entrepreneurial story and the reason why I started Shift Happens Coaching reminded me of the distance I have come and the amazing work my organization has completed. The Share Your Stories platform is an amazing opportunity to highlight the power and importance of believing in yourself and the potential impact of your work. Share Your Stories was an accessible vehicle for sharing my story and created numerous opportunities for me to reach out to new audiences. I am grateful to Trish for offering me this chance.”

Carol McLean
Executive Director, Shift Happens

Thank you Trish Tonaj for profiling my story in your guest blog and for your inspiration when we met at a SheEO Summitt in March 2017. It was a coversation you likely don’t remember, but I didn’t forget. These mirco-moments that we give to each other can do so much. I hope you take the time to find one or two this week.  You never know what it might lead to!

Carolyn Swora
Workplace Culture Architect
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