Serendipity?Are you living your authentic life?

I recently visited an Iridologist; someone who is trained to look at your eyes and tell you a little about your health and wellness.

It was a interesting experience, as I now understand that there are a few tweaks to my daily routine that with patience, will ultimately improve my overall health.

One of the topics of conversation: Are you living your ?authentic life??

An interesting conversation followed; Anne suggested that if I had a gift for public speaking; perhaps to live my authentic life I was supposed to ?information share? with a wider audience.

Interesting theory, as I am in the process of expanding my network to include not only seminars and workshops but keynote presentations on a number of business and health and wellness topics.

My target market: Corporate Teams.

Sometimes we just need to hear that we?re on the right track?
Sometimes we need to ask ourselves tough questions?
Sometimes we need to believe in the journey?

Quite often we just need to get out there and do what we enjoy, meet new people and expand our horizons.

Serendipity led me to Anne, sharing information that will have a lasting effect on my overall health and wellness plan. I have now revised my Personal Health and Wellness contract.

Are you living your authentic life?

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Trish Tonaj @ phaze2wellness

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