Certified Coaches Federation May Issue

The May issue of CCF Successes is walking the walk and talking the talk with Trish Tonaj. It is an honour to be recognized by your peers and becoming a part of the CCF family of coaches! My heartfelt thanks for the feature and continued support. Download the May Issue

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The story within the story: a behind the scenes look at Breaking Barriers and sharing the stories of 10 entrepreneurial women.

Breaking Barriers: Share your story with Trish Tonaj

Trish Tonaj of Phaze2Wellness is an author, entrepreneur, wellness coach and much more. She and The Power of We host Olivia Lee talk about her newest book Breaking Barriers, 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories. Enjoy this episode and don’t forget to share with a friend. Listen to the Podcast

A Dairy of Change by Trish Tonaj

A discussion with Cable 14 host, Linda Rourke on Hamilton Life and a book that shares a formula for creating your own work-life balance. A Diary of Change, yoga poses and inspirational quotes are found in this diary of change.

Sharing Stories and Starting A New Conversation…Testimonial from a Mentor and Mentee

There is a new movement of support for entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders and it is being created through mentorship.? A powerful exchange of information that starts with sharing stories. In our gig economy, we often work in isolation from our colleagues and work teams using various platforms to connect with specific deliverables and key performance …

Sharing Stories and Starting A New Conversation…Testimonial from a Mentor and Mentee Read More »

It’s a New Year!

Today is my birthday combine that with the end of summer, back to school and you have what I call my personal new year. I’ve just finished a 21 day challenge to recalibrate my personal and professional goals with all of the changes required for the next quarter. I think I’m ready for a great …

It’s a New Year! Read More »

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