Facebook Live with Martha Henderson, Rising Tides On-Line

  A Facebook live with Martha Henderson, sharing ideas on innovation, collaboration and building a sense of community. As a former Olympian, Martha has first hand knowledge on the importance of collaboration. We discuss the benefits of connecting with like-minded individuals who share a passion for service. Click here for the discussion

The Run It Like A Girl

The Run It Like A Girl is a podcast series hosted by Bonnie Mouck who shares inspirational stories of women from a variety of fields and industries. We spent an afternoon together sharing stories and “keeping it real” as we discussed our careers, breaking barriers and life in general. Hear the Podcast

The Power of Storytelling

An interview with Ramia El Agamy Editor-In-Chief of Tharawat Magazine and co-founder of Women In Family Business. Ramia is passionate about the entrepreneurial experience and how we all contribute to change and transformation for women in business through living by example. We discuss entrepreneurship, mentorship and the power of storytelling. Hear the Podcast

Employee Wellness Solutions Network

A pleasure to reconnect with Meaghan Jansen from Employee Wellness Solutions Network and our conversation on leadership, mentorship and breaking barriers. You may wish to hear a little about living and working in FLOW2! Another conversation; keeping it real.

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