Virtual Bloopers and Keepin’ It Real, A Sense of Humour Goes A Long Way

Have you recently found yourself learning new on-line platforms to connect with family, friends and customers?

I don?t know about you, but, I have had to overcome my fear of technology and embrace the various programs and communication tools available on-line.? Technology really is amazing? and opportunity has sparked a lot of great ideas. There are a number of innovative entrepreneurs who have created easy to use programs that change the way that we communicate.

My hesitation has been based in fear and wanting everything to be perfect.? When building a business, I come from an era where image is everything with polished messaging that is expected to be top notch while on brand.?

We?ve all heard the saying: ?You don?t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

What has changed my mind?

Hearing about industry professionals and their on-line bloopers.? I admire the folks who host talk shows, conduct interviews and introduce us to innovators.? It is not easy to be ?live,? maintain your professionalism and support guests so everyone has a positive experience, feeling comfortable with a job well done.?

In recent weeks, we?ve all heard or perhaps seen some of the home office bloopers.? Cats walking in front of the camera, dogs barking, children making faces in the background and various clothing disasters with folks who forget they are appropriately dressed only from the waist up.?

It seems to be renewing our faith in each other with a little sense of humour.?

Perhaps things don?t always have to be perfect?

As long as we have the best of intentions, maintain our dignity and respect each other, a little faux pas from time to time is a good way to realize that we are human and everyone makes mistakes.

I?ve recently started a live chat that introduces the people behind the logo with participants from the guest blog series.? It was something I was going to launch in the fall once I?d taken a few courses and researched the various on-line options before going to market.

What changed my mind?

There is no time like the present and so with the best of intensions I started the program.? My research was not complete, and I didn?t finish the courses but I wanted to seize the moment. It just seems like the right time to start a new conversation and share great ideas.

The objective for the series is to amplify your success and share your story.? Increase your visibility, encourage collaboration and create meaningful connections within our communities by sharing a virtual coffee.? Introduce the person behind the logo, discussing their lightbulb moments and three words of advise.

As an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial coach, we all remember the days when we started in the trenches with a great idea. It is important to remember that by sharing stories we support and learn from each other. This is just another way to remain connected.

I still have a lot to learn and will continue to polish my presentation skills, choose various backdrops and try different camera angles. It is not perfect and I?m OK with that!?

At the same time, I am very grateful and appreciative of the folks who are taking a leap of faith by joining me live. They too believe in the power of sharing stories while sharing a chuckle or two. ? It is important to remember, we are all in this together.

In the meantime, behind the scenes, I?m still terrified, but, I will continue to host virtual coffees while introducing you and your brand of magic by ?Keepin? It Real.? It also doesn?t hurt to have a sense of humour!

“Be the person who starts a ripple that creates a wave of change”

Trish Tonaj is an author,  artist and speaker – sharing stories to inspire great ideas.
She has written two books: Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools and Breaking Barriers, 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories.

Trish is the founder and blog host for and invites you to share your story!
With a love of writing she is a regular contributor to Thrive Global.

Visit Trish @ a division of Phaze2inc.
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