What is Your Passion Project?

In the last few months I have had the pleasure of participating in three different podcasts with the same objective??sharing stories.??

I?ve been told, as an author, a podcast is another form of connecting with readers who not only have a love of books but enjoy ?listening? to the ?voice? behind the story.? The conversation with the host creates an energy that helps to convey your story from a different perspective.

The initiatives have a common theme because when we share hidden details about our story it will in some way resonate with a new audience.?

Sharing our experience is not always easy and for most it is described as taking a step outside our comfort zone.? I think back to the early days of writing and the courage or perhaps tenacity it took to pick up a pen or open the computer in the evening after working a full day, or on the weekend, with in my case, numerous pots of tea to keep the words flowing and spellcheck in check.

You truly have to put yourself out there to bring a new project to life!

If you had asked me a few years ago if I would ever journey into the world of publishing the answer, as you expect, would have been ?NO, not a chance,? but, somehow I find myself compelled to share inspirational stories about personal and professional success.

Now, I seem to find myself on a quest to write another book – an international edition of Breaking Barriers.


Sharing the stories of entrepreneurial women around the globe with the hope of inspiring others to pursue their dreams. I believe that the barriers are the same no matter where you live?we shall see!? The platform will be consistent with the first edition: mentorship, business innovation and philanthropy.

I have learned to step outside my comfort zone and own my story by speaking from the heart. Now and again, I pick up a mic and share the details into what may only be described as my own passion project. ? I am still shocked, amazed and yet honoured when I am asked to speak about the story behind the story for Breaking Barriers and?I have found that public speaking has become a new form of passion.?

Sharing our stories has created a platform for you to share your stories with us!

I?d like to thank the ?hosts? of each podcast for introducing me to their passion project and reigniting my own with the opportunity to share our stories with a new audience.? I am looking forward to hearing the interviews ?live? and sharing the mic again in the near future.

and if?

You find that I connect, asking if you’re interested?we?d love to hear your story because you never know?it may introduce you to create your own passion project.

“Be the person who starts a ripple that creates a wave of change”

Trish Tonaj is an author,  artist and speaker – sharing stories to inspire great ideas.
She has written two books: Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools and Breaking Barriers, 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories.

Trish is the founder and blog host for ShareYourStories.online and invites you to share your story!
With a love of writing she is a regular contributor to Thrive Global.

Visit Trish @ trishtonaj.com a division of Phaze2inc.
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