Who Is Your Superhero? Shouldn’t it be YOU?

I recently spent some time with an entrepreneur who felt that her team was stepping on her cape. Holding her back from expanding the business into different market areas, tightening expenses and taking the risk necessary to expand into the next phase of success.

A wonderful visual!

Whether you are Wonder Woman or Superman as an entrepreneur we all wear a cape. It is the symbol of the individual who takes the risk and reward on a journey that provides a unique product or service. It sets the foundation for that unique business offering that sets us apart from our competition.

The red cape if a symbol of action. It creates a response and strong visual when worn by a superhero. A superhero, to the team that contributes to a companies success.

We may at various times in our journey feel that our team is “stepping on our cape” holding us back from making the changes we feel are necessary for expansion, growth and opportunity.

A strategic entrepreneur will analyze the warning signals of their team who may have legitimate reasons for stepping on our cape. They may be waving the flag for caution, reflection and analysis. However, we all know that ultimately it is the owner of the business who calculates the risks and moves forward with the plan.

So if in the future if you find someone is stepping on your cape you may choose to take a few minutes to reevaluate their point of view then decide with conviction on the ultimate path but forward on your journey to wealth and wellbeing.

Here’s to your inner superhero.



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“Be the person who starts a ripple that creates a wave of change”

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