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It’s time to pay it forward!

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My Business is to…

Amplify Your Success

& Share Your Story

When I started my first business over 25 years ago, a mentor was someone who wore a blue suit and red tie,
business consulting was in the incubator stage and no one had ever heard of a coach.

Thankfully times are changing!

I work with clients who are interested in scaling their business,
following their passion and are ready to amplify their success.

Entrepreneurship in our gig economy requires resilience, flexibility and business innovation in order to overcome the barriers that are ever present with changing market conditions.  That is why my keynote topic is Mentorship…sharing stories to inspire great ideas and my coaching business is working with You an Entrepreneur.

Taking ownership of the challenges and turning them into opportunities is how we build and sustain success.

It’s not a cookie cutter approach.

As a coach, I work with 10 one-to-one clients and 5 enterprise companies
sharing resources and creating strategies that are unique to you and your business.
  Workshops encourage outside the box thinking and empower teams.

Why?   We need to make a commitment to a success track that includes accountability and encourages a roadmap to achieve personal and professional results.

Let’s start a new conversation, create a meaningful connection and Amplify Your success!

Be Inspirational!

Life Long Learning…

  • Certified Coach Trainer – CCF
  • Certified Master Coach – CCF
  • Harvard Law School – Executive Education
  • EQ – Certified Coach
  • Certified Yoga Specialist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • B.A. Social Sciences – Labour Studies

Peer Recognition….

  • 2019 Nominee YWCA Women of Distinction
  • 2019 Certified Professional Trainers Network -Merit
  • 2019 Nominee RBC Women of Influence
  • 2018 Nominee WXN 100 Most Influential Women
  • 2018 Nominee RBC Women of Influence
  • 2017 Nominee RBC Women of Influence
  • 2016 Nominee YWCA Women of Distinction

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